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Interactive GIS has a stand-out product—an open source GIS software solution that’s both less expensive and far more flexible than its proprietary competitors’ products. Municipalities, local school districts, governments from the local to the national level, and commercial customers should have been pounding a path to their door. But the competition claimed that Open Source software wasn’t as dependable as their own commercial solutions. And the company’s website copy kept getting lost in the technical details.

The company needed a copy overhaul that both educated prospects on the value and dependability of Open Source software and outlined the benefits of their product to customers with limited technical knowledge. I gave them a rewrite that focused on the benefits—in clear, easy-to-understand terms. I wrote them an “About Open Source” section that dispels many misconceptions that were common in the customer base and that proprietary competitors often exploited. And I wrote a video script that clearly demonstrated their unique selling proposition.

The client now has a website and video that does most of the selling work up front—so sales close faster and prospects who contact the company are more ready to buy. Click on the links below to read more.

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