InteractiveGIS: Web Consulting

We’re Educators At Heart.

Need help designing, developing, or implementing a new GIS-or a new application within an existing system? InteractiveGIS, Inc. provides consulting services that can take you from data capture to implementation-or help only where you need it.

At InteractiveGIS, Inc., we take pride in teaching our clients how to get the most from their systems. We also work hard to ensure your GIS database does everything you need it to do-so we take time analyzing your organization’s use of data and work flow to ensure your GIS solution is the perfect fit.

Need a new application? No problem. We’ll help you determine what your new needs are; how you can use your information most efficiently; and where you’re missing information. Even if you’re not using our system, we can help you design a solution that works for you.

We’ll help you discover where your data gaps are; capture new and crucial information; and, with our iGIS web-based GIS software, create a GIS solution that pulls it all together in an efficient and meaningful way. We’ll also train your staff to work effectively in the system and maintain it over the long term. Our consulting service is a cost-effective alternative for database design assistance, project planning, application development, and more.