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What is GIS?

A map gives you spatial information. It shows you where one feature is in relation to others around it.

A database is a collection of records in a computer system. You can query for certain subsets of data, but you can’t see a visual representation of how your data relates to the real world.

GIS brings the two together, combining maps and databases in a way that allows you to access information stored in your database about each feature on a map-simply by clicking on that feature. It’s a powerful way to store, analyze, manipulate, and display data.

Better GIS at a Better Price.

InteractiveGISTM, Inc. is an industry leader in GIS technology. Originally developed for NASA, our core spatial engine, MapServer®, has been adapted for use in GIS mapping and database software. With iGISTM, we offer a stable, highly adaptable web-based GIS software at a fraction of the cost you’ll get with our competitors.

Want a GIS? All you need to start is a PC and some data. We can provide a solution that works within your budget and with the data you have. Find out what we do better than other web-based systems on the market.

We Save You Time.

You’ve got developers, the school board, and the utility department all clamoring to get information from you. If you don’t have a GIS, chances are you have to spend time poring over maps to find the answers.

If you already use a GIS, you’ll probably download the information they’re after onto a disc. It’s less time-consuming than using hardcopy maps-but you still have to go into the system, find the info, and burn it.

iGISTM software is entirely online, and we provide as many levels of security as you need. You can allow developers, your utility department, and your school board access to only the information they need. Simply issue a password and let each person find their own information in the system. This can take the pressure off your staff.