InteractiveGIS: Already Have GIS?

We offer a range of applications and features not available with other commercial web-based GIS software, and we can design custom applications to suit any need-and any budget. Here are just a few reasons why it’s worth switching:

Significant savings. We routinely save our clients thousands of dollars the instant they give us the approval to proceed.

Frequent updates. Other GIS solutions usually update their software once a year or when there are several necessary updates. We make updates as requested, usually within hours or days.

Customization is standard. Other companies offer you a standard package, then charge for additional applications. With us, customization comes standard.

Easy migration. We’ll migrate your data without a hitch. In most cases, our interface can read your existing data regardless of format and present your information as you’re used to seeing it.

Accessible anytime, anywhere. We host your data online in a secure environment, allowing you wider access than you get with desktop or network-based GIS.

Better tools. Nearly endless query combinations. Maps you can draw on digitally. More levels of connection between items of data.

Maps in sizes other than 8.5×11. Our system prints engineer-grade maps in a wide range of sizes and resolution-all to scale.

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