How to Increase Your Response Rate from Email Marketing

The success of your email marketing campaign is all about the copy. What you write makes a big difference in whether your email gets read—and clicked on. Here are a few tips to boost your response—and get more from each email.

Write an attention-grabbing subject. Your subject should grab attention right away and give readers a reason to click. Avoid blatantly promotional language and the word FREE—all of which can get automatically sorted out by spam filters.

Put a lot of thought into your intro. If you don’t sell the in the intro, you won’t at all. Start things off with a strong headline or opening sentence. Put your strongest benefit up front and open with a summary of your complete message, with an offer and a link so readers can respond immediately. Expand your message lower down in the email with testimonials, technical explanations, and other key text. Most won’t read it—but this info may be important to some.

Repeat your offer at the end. Some people scroll down to get to the point of an email. To accommodate these readers, put your offer and call to action at the end as well as the beginning.

Keep it short and concise. Readers want to get to the meat of your message quickly—and aren’t likely to have patience with long emails. Get your point across within the first screen and make your paragraphs short.

Stay away from the hard sell. Promotional language doesn’t do that well in email format. People will click on your email because they think you offer something of value—not to read a sales pitch. Keep your tone friendly and informative.

Always let them opt out. Giving an opt-out option prevents people from blocking your email address and labeling your emails as spam. If you don’t have an automatic opt-out mechanism, ask recipients to send an email back to your address with the word “Remove” in the subject line.

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