Getting the Most From Your Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is designed to convert your web traffic into leads-it gets your prospects to share their contact information. The traffic you drive to your site could get there through viral marketing, article marketing, social media marketing, and other SEO methods. But instead of directing your traffic directly to the page that sells your product, you’re driving them to a page that collects their email address-the squeeze page.

Offer them a free newsletter. On your squeeze page, you’ll offer to send the reader a free e-newsletter in return for their contact information. Getting their contact info gives you an opportunity to market to them-but if you send them nothing but marketing messages, they’ll stop reading. So send them something of value-articles addressing typical problems they have and how to solve them-more often than you advertise.

Throw in an extra gift. People give their email addresses in exchange for free content-whether that’s an e-newsletter, free report, free webinar or course. But you’ll get better results if you offer two or more gifts. With this offer, your visitors will get both a free newsletter and a free report-sometimes more than one report-for giving away their contact information.

Don’t mention your product. The squeeze page isn’t the place to mention the product you’re trying to sell-it’s too early in your sales cycle. The idea is to interest the prospect enough to get them to qualify themselves as hot leads by giving out their email addresses; then prove your expertise and build up interest through the content in your free report or newsletter. In the content, you’ll get a chance to promote your products and services. But in the squeeze page, your aim is simply to collect contact information.

Include testimonials. Testimonials are a powerful sales tool-even if what you’re selling is free. Collect a few testimonials from satisfied subscribers, readers or users-make sure they include quantifiable ways the users have benefited from the free content-or include endorsements from other professionals in your field.

Create a sense of urgency. Generate more sales by letting prospects know the free content you’re offering is going to be available for a limited time only. If there’s a time limit, you’re likely to get more sign-ups.

Test your offer. The great thing about Internet marketing is that it’s easy and cost-effective to test many different offers and see which one works best. Try out different headlines, body copy, graphics and offers to find the most effective combination.

A squeeze page can be a powerful marketing tool for any business. Use it to collect a long list of emails that could boost your bottom line.

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