Rebump Sample

Rebump Email Marketing Campaign

Rebump is a Gmail extension for automatic email follow-up. This email marketing campaign—deployed using their own software—targeted sales professionals, using a fun, playful tone to highlight the fact that Rebump will keep sending messages until they respond. There are four major selling points to highlight:

• 30% response rate
• Low price compared to CRMs
• Ease of use as a Gmail extension
• 35% rescue rate

Each of the first four emails focuses on one of these selling points, while also giving a very brief explanation of how the service works. The fifth email summarizes all of the four selling points. A testimonial is included at the bottom of each email to provide social proof.

The headline highlights the strongest selling point: the 30% response rate. This is a very high number that may encounter a bit of skepticism; this is addressed in the headline by addressing the skepticism (“impossible?”) and offering proof (“not with us”) and a sense of urgency (“get the hack now”).

This headline also works on a second level. When viewed on a smaller SmartPhone screen, readers may only see “30% response rate-impossible?” This short version has a curiosity factor that should get people opening the email even in a smaller display.

Rebump Email Marketing Campaign

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