Rebump: Email Marketing Campaign

Subject Line: 30% response rate—impossible? Not with us…get the hack now

Hey there,

30% response rate—impossible? Not with us…get the hack now

Too busy to follow up on sales emails? Try Rebump. Our customers report an average 30% response rate. (And no, that isn’t a typo.)

Rebump is a Gmail extension that makes follow-up automatic. Prospects get your emails until they respond.

Try it FREE. Go here now. [Link]

And if you get busy and it slips your mind, no worries. We’ll show up in your inbox next week to remind you. It’s…kind of what we do.

Happy bumping! -Rebump

“My response rate has increased over 25% (26.36% to be exact). I used to have a difficult time keeping track of emails, especially during peak seasons with hundreds of emails from clients per day. Now nothing gets away.”–Mark Lewin, Bitton Events



Hi [NAME],

Automatic follow-up, baby—this is what it looks like.

See, you think we’re following up right now. Actually, we’re working on our script idea for the next Terminator movie.

It’ll be epic—but not as epic as all the leads you’ll get while you’re not following up.
Did we mention the price? It’s FREE for the first 30 days. After that, it’s $49.99—per year. That’s a lot

less than your average CRM.

Try it FREE. Go here. [Link] And if it slips your mind, don’t worry—we’ll be back. Just like Arnold. (We like to think of ourselves as the Terminator of email follow-up).

Bump it up!


“You guys are seriously undercharging. I’m scared to tell you how much money you’ve helped me make in the past few months!” —Luke Stacey


Hey [NAME],

BUMP! You’re it. Go here. [Link]

You think we’re sending out these emails ourselves…. Actually, we’re watching baby sloths on YouTube.

Rebump installs directly in Gmail—no need to go outside your account. Just check the box on your first email, and trigger follow-up messages that stop when your prospects respond. It’s so easy you could do it in your sleep.

And if signing up slips your mind? No worries. We’ll be in your inbox next week. Same bump time, same bump channel.

Seriously, these sloths are adorable.


“Rebump works for me while I sleep, and helps me generate an extra 5-10 leads per month by automating my email follow-ups. Great tool.” —Chad Pavel,


Hey there,

BAM. You’ve been Bumped!

We leave saving the world to the Avengers. We’re more interested in rescuing all those sales emails you’re not following up on.

Don’t let another lead slip through your fingers. Rebump makes follow-up an automatic, one-click process. Our customers rescue about 35% of their emails.

In our opinion, that’s downright heroic.

Be the hero. Rescue all the emails. Get an unheard-of response. Go on; we dare you. Go here. [Link] And if it slips your mind? Well…you know the drill by now.

Bump responsibly! -Rebump

I’ve been able to rescue 44% of emails that would have gone by the wayside. One current client said ‘You’re persistent,’ and ended up signing up for my services after the 3rd bump. It’s amazing.”Andrew Kamphey, @KampheyApproved



Hi [NAME],


Sorry, had to do that…

We have a feeling you’re still following up on emails the hard way. We’re here to save you from yourself.

Rebump is the automatic email follow-up app that increases your response, costs less than your CRM, and frees up your time.

Here’s why you should try us FREE:

  • 30% average email response rate
  • 35% average email rescue rate
  • FREE for the first month; $49.99 per year after
  • Works directly from your Gmail account—in one click

Up your sales game. Let Rebump handle email follow-up—and watch the leads roll in. While you do pretty much anything else.

Sign up FREE. Go here.

To better bumping! -Rebump“I would rank it in the top 5 tools that I depend on every day to be successful in my sales career. If your job is to reach out to decision makers, there is a psychology on how your follow-up needs to be done and Rebump simply and efficiently does it for you.” –Jon Cramer,