GIS Case Study

Web Copy that Slashed the Software Sales Cycle to the Shortest in Company History

GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is software that manipulates geographic data—and it has a lot of applications. It’s useful for government on every level, from local to national; private businesses; and nonprofit organizations.

Interactive GIS had a stand-out product—Open Source GIS software that’s both less expensive and far more flexible than the products of its competitors. Municipalities, nonprofits, and commercial customers should have been pounding a path to their door.

But the competition claimed that Open Source wasn’t as dependable as their own proprietary software—which came with high licensing fees. Decision-makers didn’t understand Open Source—and it made them nervous. Instead of dispelling concerns and demonstrating the benefits of their technology, the company’s website copy kept getting lost in the technical details.

I gave them a copy overhaul that outlined the benefits of their product to customers with limited technical knowledge. The rewrite included a content strategy that educated prospects on the value, dependability, and flexibility of Open Source GIS software.

The Result

“From Day One of our new and improved written website, we received favorable comments and leads, including sales that closed in the fastest amount of time in our company’s history,” says David Bradshaw, president of Interactive GIS.

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