Epicenter: Our Process

Appsolutely Astonishing.

Turning your app ideas into reality–faster than you thought possible.

Step 1: We get to know your business.

Nobody knows your business like you do. But after this stage in the process, we’ll know it as well as the people who keep it running every day.

We take the time to understand your operations, market positioning, and competition-and help you determine the most effective solution to your unique business challenges.

Step 2: The first prototype

Once we’ve determined together what you need, we develop a clickable interactive prototype of your new app.

In our initial design, we ensure that your application is intuitive, easy to use, and converts visitors the way you need it to. Doing this early in the process means you know exactly how the software will work- before we write a line of code.

Step 3: High-fidelity design

We still haven’t written any code. But at this stage, you see not just how your app will work-but how it will look. Our high-fidelity design incorporates branding and graphics to give you a finished prototype that’s still completely interactive.

For this stage, we use InVision-our custom platform for creating high-fidelity interactive prototypes. Used by thousands of top Fortune-500 companies and global brands including Zappos, Evernote, AirBnB, and Yammer, InVision plays a vital role in keeping our process design-driven.

Step 4: Now we write the code

After you’ve approved the final high-fidelity design, our expert engineering and development team gets to work.

Unlike the traditional methodology, ours establishes all the requirements-including both design and usability-before any code is written. This makes the development process faster and easier for us-and more cost-efficient for you.

Step 5: The launch party

We oversee all phases of the launch process, and we make sure your new app integrates seamlessly with legacy systems if needed.

You know exactly how your software will look and function well before coding-so when we roll out the new software, there are no surprises. And our team provides support every step of the way, ensuring your launch is a smooth one.