Epicenter: E-Commerce

The Psychology of Profit

How did we help one e-commerce website owner increase profits by over 500%, resulting in income of over $100,000 per month from a single online store?

It might look like black magic. But it’s not. Our success is grounded in an exhaustive knowledge of buying psychology-the subconscious impulses that compel customers to buy. We’re expert at manipulating those impulses in an online environment-resulting in dramatic increases in our clients’ e- commerce profits.

Epicenter Consulting offers e-commerce consulting services that achieve consistent, dramatic results. The process starts with a single phone call. We’ll assess your existing site-and identify opportunities to improve attraction, engagement, and conversion.

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The 3 Pillars of E-Commerce Success:

Customer Attraction. The secret to strong list management isn’t quantity-it’s quality. We’ll maximize your profits by targeting select lists of qualified prospects-and tailoring your offers based on individual purchasing histories.

Engagement optimization. We leverage the psychology of emotional manipulation to unlock your customers’ hidden purchasing power, introducing users to products they didn’t know they wanted-but must have.

Conversion science. We develop solutions that move your customers smoothly through the checkout process, minimizing cart abandonment by eliminating buying obstacles.