Epicenter Case Study

Epicenter Made Itself a Thought Leader. I Made It Sound Like One.

Software application developer Epicenter Consulting created a new, innovative development strategy that revolutionized the process, making it easier, cheaper, and faster than traditional methods.

In conversation with the company’s founder, I learned that Epicenter was a thought leader—and they needed copy that clearly demonstrated that. We settled on a strategic tone that was young, fun, and edgy—breaking through a sea of software companies that tried and failed to adopt that tone—while showing off the firm’s sheer intellectual capital.

My copy broke down their development process, demonstrating client value at every step. I also wrote up a series of case studies showing how the company’s software improved the bottom-line performance of its clients; and a landing page that boosted sales of an e-book authored by one of the founders.

Epicenter has since landed contracts with high-profile global organizations, dynamic start-ups, and mid-sized companies around the world.

The Results

“Working with Jen has been one of the smartest business moves we’ve made in a while. I can’t fully express the power and freedom that comes from having a creative communicator act as a virtual extension of our firm. The results were consistently better than I could have hoped for. Clients and prospects reading our site specifically mention how ‘smart’ our company sounds.” –Clark Valberg, Founder, Epicenter Consulting

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