Clevertech: Sphinx, Solr, CSE

Blazing Fast Custom Search

At Clevertech, we offer in-depth expertise in Solr and Sphinx development to provide lightning- fast, high-performance, and multifaceted custom search engines for websites and software.

Solr and Sphinx are powerful Open Source custom search engine technologies—and we’re strong believers in Open Source. Not only does it offer platforms that are just as stable, sustainable, and customizable as licensed software—in some cases more so—it’s also free. That means no licensing fees and lower costs, for our clients.

Clevertech builds custom business applications, mobile apps, software, and high-performance websites using methodologies built around the delivery of a Minimally Viable Product—or MVP. An MVP is the most efficient and cost-effective solution available for your most urgent business challenge.

Our MVP’s can go up in as few as 30 days—sometimes less—and we’re always working with tight deadlines. Our team’s expertise in Sphinx and Solr development fuels our quick delivery— allowing us to build full-text search platforms and custom search engines quickly and effectively.

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