Clevertech: PHP, Yii, & MVC

High-Performance Software—on Tight Deadlines

At Clevertech, we develop custom business software and applications within 30 days or less. Our clients save time, save money, and see results fast.

We do it by developing an MVP—or Minimally Viable Product—that targets and solves our clients’ most immediate business challenges. With the tight deadlines we face—and the high standards we set—we rely on advanced knowledge of Yii frameworks, PHP web application development, and MVC user interface design to get the job done.

Here’s why that matters to our clients:

You can take your application anywhere. With our PHP web development methodologies, no client is tied to us. We build easily-maintainable scalable applications using industry standards that make it easy for new programmers and technical staff to step into. With us, your application is flexible—and you have choices.

Our apps are fast and high-performance. PHP application development allows for the creation of software and web applications that keep up with your business—and grow along with you.

Quick turnaround and high standards. We’re a driving force in establishing industry standards for the newest software development methodologies. Our extensive libraries, extensions, and plugins enable fast turnarounds on complex applications.

Curious about how our advanced expertise in PHP, Yii and MVC can contribute to your next project? Contact us—and find out more about our PHP development services.