Clevertech: Node.js, Backbone.js, Rafael.js

Node.js / Backbone.js / Rafaël.js:
The Expertise You Need, When You Need It.

Our developers undergo rigorous bootcamp training in Node.js development and user-driven development concepts—driving innovative work in scalable Internet applications. We regularly step in to assist technical teams on their most challenging projects—and we can confidently do the same with yours.

Clevertech uses extensive libraries encompassing cutting-edge JavaScript languages and technologies—so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

This lets us get our client projects up quickly, enabling us to meet deadlines in as few as 30 days— sometimes faster. And our advanced knowledge of Backbone, Rafaël, and Node development strategies means our work consistently exceeds expectations for client-facing applications, local storage, and real-time reporting.

Put our knowledge of Backbone, Rafaël, and Node web development methodologies to the test. Contact us today.