Clevertech: Lean and Agile Development

Lean & Agile Development:

Trimming the Fat From the Development Process

Some companies assume they know exactly what they need their custom software to do—at the start of a project. But unless you’ve tested those assumptions, you don’t know for sure.

And if you don’t know for sure, you could spend thousands or millions of dollars more than you need to—wait years for a finished product—and then find out it doesn’t meet your company’s needs. It happens all the time.

But not with us.

That’s because we rely on a lean, agile software development methodology based on delivery of an MVP—or Minimally Viable Product. It’s not a complete solution that takes years to produce. Instead, it’s the fastest, simplest iteration possible—one that lets you test every assumption before you invest.

We Don’t Assume. We Learn.

Our developers start from only one assumption: nothing is sacred until it’s been proven true. Not even our clients’ most basic ideas about what the software needs to do.

We start by talking to end users. Based on these conversations, we build wireframes demonstrating how the software will work—and let users test it. We continually refine based on that feedback.

Then we launch a Minimally Viable Product—and we monitor how people use it in the field. This is often where the real learning begins.

We continually adjust our MVP based on user behavior—until the end product is exactly what you need. Sometimes the software we deliver is different from the client’s original idea. But with this process, it’s always on target.

How This Process Benefits You

It keeps you from investing in the wrong solution. Using more traditional methods, companies never test the ideas they start with. There’s nothing stopping you from investing thousands in an idea your market doesn’t want.

It keeps you flexible. Because an MVP is fast and relatively cheap to produce, your company can pivot based on changing market conditions and new information—and stay responsive to business needs.

It ensures your end product is what your users want. Users often don’t know what they need until they try the software. All of our end products are based on exhaustive customer behavior evaluation—in all field conditions.

It costs less and goes live faster. Agile web development eliminates waste in time, money, and resources. You don’t have to wait a long time for a solution you can use. And costs are easier to predict and control than with traditional development projects.

Clevertech offers agile web development with Rails and other emerging technologies. Find out more about our process. Contact us today for a free consultation.