Clevertech: Custom CRM Development

CRM Development:

Customize And Prosper.

Let’s face it. Not every small business’s CRM needs are complicated. Off-the-shelf CRM software solutions like Zoho, BaseCamp, and Batchbook are fairly affordable, and can do a lot for your business.

But what they can’t do is create value.

If you’re using an off-the-shelf CRM software solution, your competitors don’t have to work too hard to keep up with you—they just need to buy the same software.

But if you’re using custom CRM software for small business that supports more sophisticated processes, nobody will be able to replicate what you do.

And that makes your product or service more valuable to your customers. It’s what makes them willing to pay a price premium for what you sell. And, if you’re in the market, it’s what makes investors willing to pay more to acquire your company.

Clevertech specializes in an agile development methodology centered around the delivery of a Minimally Viable Product—or MVP. Rather than asking our customers to invest in a large-scale custom solution at the start of a project, we test the baseline assumptions about what’s needed— with a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Then we continually refine that solution based on data collected from real end-user behavior. The end product is delivered faster and performs better than software developed under more traditional methods—eliminating wasted time and money.

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