Distance Education Case Study

From Start-Up Website to Profit Powerhouse

Distance-Education.org is a website dedicated to online education—including e-learning software and solutions, advice for adult and nontraditional learners, and reviews of online schools. I joined the team from the website’s inception, and my copy and content has helped grow the site from obscure beginnings to a very profitable online property—and an authority on online learning.

Authority-Building, Attention-Grabbing Content Strategy

I contracted to deliver a consistent amount of articles each month, compliant with SEO best practices, that capitalized on current trends in nontraditional education, e-learning software and solutions, and education finance.

I built my content strategy on a variety of sources, including keyword research, current news and events, and popular conversations in the website’s very active Q&A forum. Through these and other sources, I developed titles that generated a great deal of attention. My articles inspired news coverage at national organizations, including NPR, and were reprinted in hardcopy textbooks.

In addition, I developed ongoing coverage targeted to niche markets including members of the military and their families. My articles built the site into a respected authority in a variety of very prominent and high-traffic niche markets.

The Results

“It has definitely been a very successful and lucrative experience working with Jennifer. Her upbeat attitude, technical ability, timely delivery of articles and finally her willingness to work with my sometimes ‘unique’ content ideas have been a big reason why we have worked so well together. She produces clear and concise articles meant to educate the reader.”

“One article made it to the homepage of Digg.com. Many others went popular on several social news websites and almost all of them rank very well in Google and Yahoo for their subjects. Several of the articles have spurred some larger well known publications to do pieces on topics that originated with us. Thanks Jen!” –Ben Pfeiffer, Owner

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