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CPRCertified.com offers CPR training online. Their online training videos feature one of the industry’s most highly qualified instructors, a Registered Nurse an experienced American Heart Association Core Instructor who holds over 4,000 hours of clinical experience.

While not administered by the American Health Association itself, their curriculum is developed using AHA guidelines. The company worked with both local and national healthcare organizations to design their training.

Their challenge was overcoming barriers to purchase that have to do with how new online CPR certification is. Some organizations don’t trust it, and there’s a perception that employers are likely not to take recertification cards from an online training company that isn’t directly affiliated with the AHA.

My copy focuses on overcoming those barriers-by highlighting the company’s record of acceptance, its’ compliance with AHA guidelines, the experience of its instructors, and great results from customers.

It also focuses on clear benefits to busy online learners looking for certification and recertification-including the convenience of online training, the short but informative videos, the ability to take the test at any point in the training period, and more.

In addition, I developed a comprehensive SEO content writing strategy for the company that combined creative, social-media-sticky topics (such as first aid for zombie attacks) with in-depth information on first aid, CPR, and lifesaving medical topics for a lay audience, further building the company’s credibility with its target market: both students and their employers.

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