Firefly Case Study

From Invisible to Top Google Ranking Within 48 Hours was a public service website with a mission: to get the word out about fireflies as a threatened species. They hired me to develop a content marketing and audience education strategy that would get them hits and attention—as fast as possible.

I developed a series of informative articles detailing the nature of the threats, types of fireflies, little-known facts about their habits and biology, and other information with attention-grabbing headlines and solidly researched facts. The content was both educational and entertaining.

All the content I wrote went live within 12 hours, and was ranking on the first page of Google search within 48 hours. Some pages ranked as high as third for their target keywords.

Even better, the site generated a lot of online and offline media attention. It was featured on national news shows including NBC Morning News and Good Morning America, driving continuous traffic during and after the segments. It was covered by, the National Wildlife Foundation, Smithsonian Magazine,, and more. The owner was interviewed on Accuweather as a subject matter expert on fireflies.

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