Clevertech Case Study

Landing Pages That Dominated Google Search

Clevertech is a software development firm specializing in design and launch of MVPs, or Minimally Viable Products, meaning the fastest, simplest iteration of a software idea possible. Developing an MVP allows clients to test every assumption before investing in a complete, comprehensive solution.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that Clevertech is a team of technical rockstars—with considerable business savvy. But their methodology was very niche at the time, and they needed a way both to demonstrate its value to clients and highlight every angle of their technical expertise in a way that non-developers could understand. They also needed to get the word out to clients and companies searching for people with the exact expertise that they offered.

I wrote a series of landing pages that targeted each of the technologies they specialized in—highlighting in clear, benefit-oriented terms how their expertise set them apart, and brought money to the bank for clients. Technologies targeted included JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Node.js, Google API’s, CSS3 and HTML5, and many more.

The Results

The landing pages rank high for target keywords—many of them within the first three results. Since that copy was written, the company has risen in both sales and visibility. It ranked within the top software companies on the 2014 5000 list, with earnings of over $4.2 million.

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